Next Week: The Big Swap

We’ll share more details as we get closer to the date, but we wanted you to have some advance notice about next week’s event. We’re going to be hosting The Big Swap – a chance for you to share what you’ve got (and borrow something great in return)!

Think about it…

Do your kids have some cool toys that they’re just plain bored with? They’d be exciting to someone else’s kids… And when you get it back, that toy will be new to your kids all over again.

Do you have any kids’ stuff that you wish you’d been able to try out first before you bought it? You could give that awesome opportunity to another family by lending it out for a couple of weeks.

Do you have a great parenting book that you’re not actively using anymore? Maybe some kids CDs or DVDs that you could use a break from? Maybe a DVD set from a favourite television show that you think someone else might love?

Start scouring your houses… Next week, we’ll all meet up and set up some borrows and trades with the other moms in the group – and hopefully all go home with a (temporary) treasure or two!


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