This Week Is At…

Hethrington Park!

Gabrielle scouted this place out and it’s designed for toddlers, rather than “three and up.” So bring your wee ones (I’m sure the less-wee will have fun too – it’s outside! Outside is fun!) and come play!


This Week is at…

Bethel! We’ll be in the lower lounge with coffee and tea. Remember to bring your own snacks and sippy cups, and we’ll bring down some toys.

See you Thursday!


This Week is at…

Assiniboine park!

This is not the only time we’ll be meeting here this summer. The new play structure is slated to open May 19th and you can bet we’ll be there to give it a trial run. This week, I thought we could meet beside the parking lot north of the Conservatory and then do a stroll around the park. If it’s too chilly for our small people we can head into the conservatory and get an early dose of green and growing things. Also, it’s no biggie if we split into two groups – those of us with toddlers can probably handle a bit more outside play than brand-new people. Bring your small person transportation device of choice – stroller, baby carrier, or wagon – and we’ll see you there!


But Wait! There’s More!

Just when you thought MOMs was abandoning you… when you looked at your calendar and contemplated making a paper countdown chain till September… when you thought all hope was gone…


We won’t have childcare, snacks, or programs, but we’ll still be meeting up at the same time on Thursdays. The Lower Lounge is booked for the first and third Thursdays of every month starting April 21 (except for June – then it’s second and fourth Thursdays). For those weeks, we’ll bring toys in from the rooms for our kids to play with, and we’ll make tea and coffee. You are responsible for your kids (sorry!) and any snacks you want. For the other weeks, we’ll meet up elsewhere – parks, the zoo, the children’s museum, the Forks… we’ll try to bounce around the city so that we accomodate everyone as best we can.

The location announcement will go up every Monday, life permitting. I am taking charge of orchestrating our meetups and I am more than willing to take suggestions – if you have a great park in your neighbourhood, or if you know a fun kid-friendly hangout, send them to am.sawatzky AT gmail DOT com, or leave them in the comments. (YAY COMMENTS.)

So check back on Monday to see where we’ll be meeting up!


p.s. Next week is a park/outing week, but the parks around me are still ice/snow/mud covered. Does anyone know of already-melted parks or have another great idea? I promised to coordinate, but I never said I had all the insider’s info…

Wrap-Up: That’s a Wrap

Wow. Can you believe that we’ve come to the end of our winter session already? I feel like it flew past!

This Thursday we ate a delicious brunch while we reminisced over the past sessions and shared our plans for the summer and beyond. Megan led a great devotional about how much MOMs has meant to her, saying that according to the definition in the book Life After Church,┬áchurch is made up of worship, community, and mission, and by that definition our group has become church for her. She asked us to share how MOMs has influenced us, and the conversation that followed was powerful stuff. (If you weren’t there or didn’t get a chance to share, feel free to do so in the comments.)

Sara and Tara are both going back to work so they won’t be back with us in the fall – we’ll definitely miss you both. (If I missed someone, please say so!)

I’ve arranged for us to have the lower lounge on alternating Thursdays through the summer, and we can meet up at parks or other kid-friendly places as well during our usual time – stay tuned for more thorough info on that.

Thanks everyone for coming out this year and making Morning Out for Moms a truly fabulous group – we’re looking forward to seeing you through the summer and in the fall!


Just in case your husband is looking for some child-rearing advice geared more towards a daddy’s perspective, or if you think he’d benefit from that kind of information, send him to 24 Hour Cribside Assistance. It’s part of a Father Involvement Initiative in Ontario and might help some of our men out.


An Author’s Daughter Among Us

This week is SUPER exciting for my family… Friday marks the official launch of my mom’s book, called More than Enough.

It’s a book about her journey through breast cancer and it’s super relevant for anyone going through breast cancer and the people who love and support them (or anyone who’s been there and done that) – and anyone who enjoys a real, honest survival story with a happy ending.

Oh, and an extra cool bonus? My mom included a bunch of my blog posts as a daughter’s perspective on breast cancer. You’ll also read more than just a little bit about my daughter Briony and my niece Chloe. I found out I was pregnant on the very same day that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my sister and I gave birth to baby girls 11 days apart – right in between my mom’s chemo and radiation treatments – so the babies are understandably a major part of the story and my mom’s fight to survive and become a grandma.

You are all invited to attend the official book launch this Friday at 7 pm in Niverville (contact me for full details). Or pick up your own copy of the book! It’s available now online through Chapters, Amazon, and McNally Robinson or at Christian bookstores throughout Canada – but the best way to buy it is in person (again, talk to me!) or directly through my mom’s website at $1 from every book that is purchased directly will be donated to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.


– Lindsay

We want to know about what’s going in your lives… If you have an event, a fundraiser, a charity project, or anything else you’d like to share with our group, send an email with the details to Lindsay or Annemarie and we’ll be sure to add it to this site!