No Summer MOMs This Week!

Check back next Monday for our park destination.


Baby Time!

Alice had a baby boy, Emmett, last Wednesday! Congratulations, and we can’t wait to meet him in the fall.

Summer MOMs Update + CBC Kids Radio

Hello friends!

After another week with no one at Bethel, we’ve decided to switch to just meeting for park dates on alternate Thursdays. I’ll still post every week so you’ll know if we’re meeting or not.

In unrelated news, the CBC has just launched a streaming kids’ music site on the new CBC Music. Just click on that link or go to, and on the right of the page where they list the streaming radio stations, choose “Kids CBC” and hit play. I would not link to it if I didn’t like it, and believe me, I’m picky when it comes to kid’s music. There’s a lot of old-school stuff like Anne Murray and Fred Penner, so if you feel nostalgic, have a listen.

This Week Is At…

Vimy Ridge! We’re going to take advantage of the hot hot weather and get in on the splash park action. Vimy has both a splash pad AND a wading pool, so bring small swimsuits, sunscreen, and don’t wear a white shirt like I always do.

Also, we’ve had some seriously low attendance for our weeks at Bethel lately. Can you let me know if you’re planning to come and just not making it, or just not interested? Thanks!