Friday Links

Last week slipped past me without a Friday Links post. I’m terribly sorry. The good news is, I have some awesome stuff to make up for it.

Let’s start with a video, shall we? Girl fakes her first period, and it is HILARIOUS. (It’s the sequel to Camp Gyno.)

Relevant and helpful: vitamin D is super important for babies, and grownups too. Here’s some solid science about giving breastfed babies vitamin D.

Back to the funny: your penis won’t fall off and other valuable information for little boys.

Did you know? The World Cup is happening. So, this.

Are you lonely, mama? This post came right when I needed it. It’s one to file away for the bad days.

Here’s another one from the sewing blog I like to read. She’s talking about why she sews, but the link between shopping and dopamine is relevant to anyone who is into living intentionally and creatively.

You may have noticed that I link to A Cup of Jo a lot. Not sorry. Here’s her pre-vacation master list of links from her archive.

And here is the link to the tag of her series on Motherhood Around the World. It was fascinating. She’s reviving the series soon – you bet I’ll be linking to it!

Tips on finding a morning routine in spite of children and their unpredictability.

How to handle curly hair if you’re a straight-haired mama.

And finally (FINALLY), 5 minutes in a mom’s head.

Good grief! You have lots to read this weekend now. Enjoy the solstice! Summer is officially here! (She says, as it rains.)


Friday Links

Eh, it’s Saturday. Such is life.

Girls are Messy, Naked Farters Too – a response to the idea that girls are so much cleaner/easier/quieter than boys. And it’s so true.

Survival Guide for the Highly Sensitive Parent – plenty of information is geared to handling highly sensitive children, but what about helping parents who fall into that category (like me)? I loved this post.

On Happiness – changing our language from “making me happy” to “making me whole” resonates with me so much.

Also from A Cup of Jo, 21 Crazy Things You Do As A Parent.

A reminder to bow out of the “who has the worst kids” competitions.

Do you have a little dancer? Are you or were you a dancer? Or are you just a raging fan of So You Think You Can Dance, like me? I loved this look behind the scenes of the National Ballet of Canada’s Cinderella. So beautiful.

And this made me giggle. The Reason for the Divorce. Does anyone relate?

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, even if it’s a bit cooler out.