Friday Links

Eh, it’s Saturday. Such is life.

Girls are Messy, Naked Farters Too – a response to the idea that girls are so much cleaner/easier/quieter than boys. And it’s so true.

Survival Guide for the Highly Sensitive Parent – plenty of information is geared to handling highly sensitive children, but what about helping parents who fall into that category (like me)? I loved this post.

On Happiness – changing our language from “making me happy” to “making me whole” resonates with me so much.

Also from A Cup of Jo, 21 Crazy Things You Do As A Parent.

A reminder to bow out of the “who has the worst kids” competitions.

Do you have a little dancer? Are you or were you a dancer? Or are you just a raging fan of So You Think You Can Dance, like me? I loved this look behind the scenes of the National Ballet of Canada’s Cinderella. So beautiful.

And this made me giggle. The Reason for the Divorce. Does anyone relate?

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, even if it’s a bit cooler out.



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