A Crafty Session Wrap Up

Yesterday we had a wonderful Round Robin Craft-a-thon.

We made:

  • Fishing game. You will need:
    • wooden dowel
    • string
    • magnets of varying sizes
    • craft foam sheets
    • hot glue gun
    • scissors
      • cut out fun fishy shapes from you foam
      • hot glue small magnets to fish
      • cut a length of string
      • tie/glue your string to wooden dowel
      • hot glue larger magnet to end of string
      • to make more challenging write numbers or letters on fish


  • Egg carton Spiders. You will need:
    • cardboard egg carton
    • chenille’s/pipe cleaners
    • googly eyes
    • temptra paint and brushes
    • scissors
    • small hole punch
      • cut out a cup from your carton
      • poke/punch 8 holes
      • paint cup
      • cut pipe cleaners in half for longer legs or in quarters for shorter
      • stick pipe cleaners in holes
      • glue on eyes


  • Robot Stick Puppets. You need:
    • construction paper
    • popsicle sticks
    • glue
    • scissors
    • markers
      • Cut paper in “robot” shapes
      • colour/ draw on paper
      • glue together
      • glue on stick
      • put on a show


  • Sun catchers. You need:
    • poster paper
    • tissue paper
    • clear contact paper
    • scissors
    • hole punch and string/yarn
      • cut out poster paper in shape of choice
      • place shape on contact paper
      • stick tissue paper in center
      • place another piece of contact paper over top to seal in tissue paper
      • trim around the edges
      • punch a hole in the top and hang in sunny window to enjoy.


  • Bean sprouting
    • pinto beans
    • coffee filter/paper towel
    • clean cup
      • soak beans for 24 hours
      • wet paper towel or coffee filter
      • crumple and place in cup
      • place in beans
      • remember to keep paper moist
      • place in warm sunny window and watch it grow



This Week at MOM’s: Crafts

This week we will be getting our craft on!

A Few Housekeeping Items:

  • I finally got all the links to upload and posted on the Blog from last weeks session to view at your leisure.
  • Your tea orders will be at MOM’s on Thursday (hopefully if the weather cooperates). If you can’t make it contact myself danielleschr8r@gmail.com and we can figure out a dropoff/pickup
  • This Thursday is the LAST MOM’s of March. Next week is Spring Break so enjoy the week home with your munchkins.
  • April 4th is our Wind Up Brunch. There will be a sign up sheet going around Thursday for sweet or savoury and a beverage, if you can’t make it just comment below and I’ll pencil you in.
  • Caregiver Tea is April 11th, 7pm in the basement, please leave all but the smallest of babies at home (with a caregiver).
  • The MOM’s Committee is meeting this week, if there is a session you’d love to see happen in the fall please comment/email or talk to one of the lovely members on the committee so we can hopefully make it happen.
  • Chandra has happily agreed to join the MOM’s Committee, there will be not shoulder tapping. Thank You!
  • I would also like to thank everyone who has supported my husband’s business, if you still need your taxes done contact Greg gregms@mymts.net to set up a time .  We would love to have you over for tea and do your taxes.

Linky Friday

Want to know what goes on in the 4-5 room Elsie has posted about it on her blog.


Wednesdays, April 3, to June 19, 2013
9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Fort Rouge Leisure Centre – 625 Osborne Street
For further information please call Dina:  204-804-7781


Session Wrap up: Dysfunction and Navigation

Today Annemarie’s dad came in and talked about family dysfunction and how you can curb this dysfunction for your children before it becomes serious.

You might want to make a bowl of popcorn, it’s a fairly lengthy and informative videos.

Video 1.1




Video 2

Video 3

If you have questions or want to continue follow up discussion you can contact Annemarie’s Dad

Wayne Plenert

Random Fun Fact: Today is 3.14.  Happy Π Day. Mmmm Pi.


This Week at Bethel MOM’s: Topic Awesome!

Yep! That’s the best way to describe it. I know that in the schedule it’s put down as conflict resolution, and I’m certain to a degree that it will be but it’s  about so much more.

What is your deepest fear?

I’m willing to bet one of them is passing on your dysfunction as an adult to your child. Right? Right!

Well we have Annemarie’s Dad Wayne in to talk to us about passing on our dysfunctions and how to navigate it.

It’ll be a good one!


This Week Wrap Up: Coffee Talk

We had a wonderful devotional about patience (or the lack there of) as a parent. Which led into a great discussion about being patient, the root to why most of us lose our cool, giving yourself some slack (and all the Type A’s gasp), and having grace.

Here is the link to the blog post Megan talked about. Lisa Joy mentioned the book ” Breaking the Good Mom Myth” by Allyson Schafer.


Lastly if anyone has an order to submit for tea please forward it to Candice at livingnaturally@live.ca by March 9th.



Friday Links

Good morning everyone!

Thought I would share a couple of links because myself like so many other get lost in the vastness of the internet. This way I at least feel slightly productive although I cannot take much credit for searching out any of these links, I just read through them.

We all love a good birth story. What about an extraordinary, 1 in 70 million chance kind of birth story?

We at MOM’s try to stress the importance of being truthful and honest with one another and with ourselves, but even then we all still tell half-truths and white lies to make life more glamorous and peachy-keen than it really is, and it reflects on to all of our social media sites. We need to quit telling lies on Facebook. (Warning language and brutal honesty) Because honestly who is going to post a bad hair day on FB?

This last one ties into the safety talk we had last week (which I wished I was there for) and the importance of making our homes safe for us and our little people. I will warn you Be with me. Just for today is really tough to read (bawling in a corner). It took me several tries to get through it and my heart just broke for the family and their loss.


Wrap Up: Tea Time with Candice

This week we had the lovely Candice in to open up our world’s to the vast landscape of tea. From a quick circle question, I was surprised at how many of us are actually tea drinkers. Where you?

Candice went over:

The many benefits to drinking tea:

  • like antioxidants
  • great taste with no added sugar
  • warm, comfort and stress relief
  • and help with indigestion

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • does your product contain peanuts? A: No. Nut’s yes but not peanuts.
  • Caffeine? Rooibos, fruit and herbal teas don’t but the rest do, with Mate being the highest.
  • is the tea organic and Fair Trade? Yes, some are Certified Organic with the rest ethically traded.

The different types of tea and the amounts of caffeine contained in each (FYI nowhere near the amount compared to coffee), and different ways to use tea (link to all the fun recipes)

Also any orders placed 25% of the sale will go to MCC Global Family, closing date March 7th.

Weren’t able to attend? Check out the online catalogue.

And just a side note, looking at my calendar we only have four sessions left *sniffle*