Happy Hallowe’en

On All Hallow’s Eve do your Princesses and Pirates go out to play? With the weather more trick than treat we would love to see pictures of your ghosts and goblins in their spooktacular finery.

Email your pictures too bethelmoms@gmail.com  and a slide show will be put together to view for the next meeting.



What’s up this week at Mom’s: Coffee

Yep you read me right. COFFEE! and I just heard all the tea drinkers groan. Don’t worry we’re not taste testing coffee (and all the coffee drinkers say aw!) we are going to have a guest appearance by Nils Vik from Parlour Coffee on Main talk about his passion for coffee and the places it’s taken him.

Also next week we are taking a ride on the awkward turtle. That’s right S.E.X! (GASP) Well actually it’s about reconnecting with your partner, but there will be a place to anonymously ask questions. Anything goes! If you want to know about achieving the big O to getting your mojo back after being interrupted, or how to handle the embarrassment of your kids catching you in the act. This is the session you need to be at.


Wrap up: Waldorf

Wow! What an awesome session!

Alice came to us today to share her knowledge and experience with the Waldorf Method on Early Childhood Education. Just a little on Waldorf. It was developed in 1919 by Rudolf Steiner. It is based on the profound understanding of human developement that addresses the needs of the growing child. It strives to transform education into an art form that nourishes the whole child – their heart, hands and head.

A lot of attention given to the place of learning. Warm welcoming colours, and Art work adorn the halls, the teachers are enthusiast, committed, and interested in the childs individuality.

I’m going to skip over a few paragraph about the curriculum  because this link will take you to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America Homepage.

Steiner believed that children should receive a well-rounded education that not only engages the mind, but also their heart and hands through art and play. With a goal to awaken/foster:

  • A sense of wonder
  • Creative and inquiring  minds
  • A well-rounded belief in their capacities
  • strength of will, character, and intellect
  • Compassion for and interest in all life.

Doesn’t these goals sound like things we want for ourselves and our children?

Alice talked about letting your children be kids. Not necessarily having a strict schedule but having a rhythm to your day. For example she used ” You get up and you have breakfast, and then you have some independent play time, and then lunch, and then some time outside, and then dinner/supper.” Easing transitions from one activity to the next is also important, maybe having a song to let the child know that this transition is about to happen.

Alice also mentioned the importance of quiet time for BOTH Parent and Child, so that the child doesn’t go into sensory overload and tune us as parents out.

Waldorf doesn’t necessary believe in discipline but redirecting a child attention.  And lastly Alice mentioned that this philosophy can be used as a method of parenting. The word teacher and parent are very interchangeable, because as parents are we not teachers?

Do you feel inspired?

Revised ~ This Week at Bethel MOM’s… Alice talks about Waldorf

Good Day MOM’s!

This week we will have fellow MOM Alice sharing her knowledge on Waldorf’s method on early childhood education.

Update: “Waldorf is a holistic approach to education that strives to engage the head, heart and hands of children.  Alice’s particular experience is in teaching nursery and kindergarten children.  The Waldorf approach in Early Childhood strives to nurture and educate children in a structured, gentle setting that encourages social development.” Alice

Just a couple of house keeping things.

  • We still need someone to do a savoury snack on Nov 8.
  • Also if you want to do a devotional or a prayer there are a couple of slots open. If you could comment on what you would like to do that would be AWESOME!
  • I was thinking I would like to put together a slide show of your adorable kids in their Halloween costumes, or out trick – or – treating.
  • Lastly I want to compile a list of fun activities to do this winter to try to beat the winter blues.  The last two points can be emailed to bethelmoms@gmail.com


Wrap-Up: Coffee Talk

I love coffee talk sessions. They’re such a great opportunity to get to know each other and dig into each other’s lives more than we can during the regular sessions. Coffee talk is usually when I can heave a sigh of relief that there are other moms going through the same stuff as me, or I am reminded that this too shall pass, or I can listen to someone else’s story for a while and get out of my own head. I hope you had a refreshing morning as well!

Some notes and housekeeping that need to be passed on:

We’re supposed to start our session at 9:30. I know it’s hairy to get many and various sizes of people ready and out the door to be somewhere at 9:15, but let’s renew our efforts so we can maximize the time we have for our sessions.

The kids in the 2/3 and 4/5 rooms should be bringing their own water bottle (as Erinne mentioned), but no snacks please. The caregivers sit the kids down for a proper snacktime so I promise they are not starving.

We still need 1 person to bring savory snack on November 8.

We also need 2 people to do devotionals October 25 (that’s next week!) and November 8. Please leave a comment if you can help! If you need to see the schedules, click here or at “sign-up schedules” up top.

Also, I just realized that I haven’t started sending out the weekly newsletter yet! Do you miss it?

One final note: Erinne is organizing a class with Pamela Whyte and passed around a sign up sheet this morning. If you want to be a part of the class but couldn’t sign up, send her an email (see the contacts tab at the top for her address).

Ok, that’s all the announcements! Have a great week.


Wrap-Up: Pamela Whyte

Last week’s session with Pamela Whyte was an eye-opener for me. I’ve been struggling a bit with my three-year-old and I found so much helpful stuff in her material.

My notes are really long this week, so instead of posting them, I’m attaching them as a pdf. Most browsers should allow you to view the file, and you can right-click to save it for future reference. If that’s too complicated, email me (see the contact tab up top) and I can send you the file. What stood out to you the most this week? The idea of changing responsibility from Lucy to me has taken a huge weight off, which seems backwards, but it’s helping a lot.

Here’s the file.

This week: Coffee Talk

Last week we had Pamela Whyte come visit us and discuss Gordon Nuefeld’s book “Hold on to Your Kids” and a detailed wrap up will come at some point.

This week we’ll sit down and have a chance to discuss what we heard last session and get your thoughts and feelings on it.

Has anyone applied what was discussed over the past week?

Also DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A T-REX IN THE DOWNTOWN!!!!! Are you as excited as I am? I’ve driven by him a couple of times and it just gets cooler and cooler. So if you need a fun activity (that’s free) He’s sitting outside on Main Street between the Manitoba Museum and the Planetarium.

~ Danielle ~

What’s up this week: Pamela Whyte

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a lovely turkey supper, or ham, or chicken etc…. I don’t know about you but I’m stuffed! Ha all puns intended. But aside from bad turkey jokes, what is your favourite part of thanksgiving? What are you thank-full for?

I know for myself it’s my family, a new awesome job this summer and a baby turning 1. Oh my goodness!

Speaking of children, this week we will be visited by the incredible parent educator Pamela White as she talks about Holding on to your children. So bring your listening ears, possibly a note pad if you’re forgetful like myself and prepare to be inspired.


Quick edit, in case you don’t see Erinne’s comment: leave a comment with any questions or topics you want Pamela to cover, or email Erinne (see her comment for her address). Thanks! ~Annemarie

Wrap-Up: Salsa Ladies

We had a blast (trying) to move our hips and learning the basics of rhumba, cha-cha, salsa, and samba dancing. I am totally going to try out for So You Think You Can Dance now. Are you?

With regards to our sign-up lists, we need the following:

Snack – October 25, November 8 (savory); November 29 (sweet)

Devotion – October 25, November 8

Prayer – October 18, 25, November 8

Please leave a comment if you can sign up! And to find the schedules, click on “Sign-Up Schedules” above the posts. To see the basic guidelines for snack and devotionals, hold your mouse over “Sign-Up Schedules” and click on “Snacks” or “Devotions” when it drops down. Does that make sense?


Link: The Mom Stays in the Picture

I came across this article on the Huffington Post called “The Mom Stays in the Picture” and I just loved it. It’s a good reminder for me that even though I feel self-conscious in every picture, that doesn’t matter to my kids. I know that I still pour over the pictures of my mom and grandmothers when they were new mothers, and there are not very many to choose from. How do you feel about yourself in pictures? Does this article make you re-evaluate?