Incase you where wondering

How to make the ornaments from yesterday here is the link to what I used from Full of Great Ideas.

Don’t make the entire recipe, unless you want 40 or 50 medium sized ornaments. I allowed the ornaments to dry over night so they kept their crisp white look, otherwise it has that browned cookie look, but if your kids are impatient and your painting them anyways then it takes a half hour to bake. I had extra dough so I just put the dough ball in the fridge in a Ziploc and a damp towel and it worked great the next day. I used rubber stamps and embossing folders for mine, but you can use cookie stamps if you have them, twigs, greenery or fingerprints.

Helpful tip, roll dough on wax or parchment paper and then cut it out while on paper. It’s easier to transfer to drying rack, and less messy. Learnt the hard way then I had to scrape and wipe and wipe and scrape it off my table.

If you need a little inspiration you can check out this board full of simple to intermediate Christmas crafts.

Have fun! See you in the new year.



This Week at Bethel: End of Season Potluck

You heard correctly *sniff sniff* this is the last MOM’s meeting of 2013. So come for one last hazaa, and bring a tasty treat to share in the potluck. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up last week don’t worry bring something sweet or savoury there is always room at the table.

Also don’t forget to be extra grateful to the caregivers for all the awesomeness they’ve done for us.

And lastly Erinne welcomed a beautiful baby boy Kagan, last Thursday morning. Congrats!

Wrap-up a Crafty Close

With all this crafting there was talks about Craft Sales because ’tis the Season so here is a Facebook link for Craft Sales in the Peg and here is The Vineyard’s Site, St. Norbert‘s  and apparently there is one going on in the Convention Centre till Sunday.  Also The Festival of Tree and Lights starts Tuesday the 26th and goes to the 8th, and Santa is back at Kildonan Place Mall and as always it’s FREE. New addition is that you can pre register so hopefully shorter wait times in line.

Here are the goodies we made.

 Kids Cape

Cape1 Cape2


Thick Infinity Scarf

Scarf1 Cut along dotted lines, stretch and wear!

Many Strand Infinity Scarf

Scarf2 1. Cut t-shirt into 1 inch strips
2. Stretch each strip like crazy.
3. Loop stands so it’s only half as round
4. Cut off a strip from sleeve, stretch and use to tie all strands together.





This Week at Bethel MOM’s: T-shirt Upcycling

This week the lovely Chandra has a few ideas on what to do with all those old jersey material t-shirts we have hiding in the backs of our closets. Men’s shirts work best so grab a few of the hubby’s and thank him later.

Bring your sewing scissors, and  if you have an extra pair to share bring those too (this might sound elementary but put your name on them so you get them back if your so inclined to share).

There will also be a sign up sheet going around for next week season end potluck (sniff, sniff what will we do without MOM’s).

So to recap you need:

  • Sewing scissors
  • T-shirts

~ Danielle~