We encourage all our moms to take a turn bringing snack! Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when it’s your turn.

Two moms will be on Snack Duty each Thursday morning. Snack Duty = bringing snack, setting it up buffet style in the kitchen, and helping get coffee and caregiver trays prepared.

All instructions for Snack Duty are in the MOMs cupboard in the kitchen (beside the fridge) and the instructions for how to prep the caregiver trays are taped right onto the trays themselves. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t be shy about asking – or sign up with one of our veteran moms. And don’t worry, there should always be a committee member who arrives early to start the coffee and help with the snack trays. You’re NOT doing this on your own! And it’s really much easier than it sounds.

Keep it simple! We’re all grateful for something to nibble on. There’s no need to stay up all night preparing your snack to impress us. Anything we can consume without needing to share it with our kids is a treat!

Please bring enough snack for all our moms (around 20 to 25) + our 18 caregiver volunteers (who generally just nibble).

IMPORTANT: We are a nut-free environment and we also need to be sensitive to a shellfish allergy, so please DO NOT bring any nuts or products that contain nuts or shellfish.

At the end of the morning, we have a schedule to make sure that everything is clean and the kids are picked up on time.

11:00 – Everyone washes their own snack dishes, and the two people who volunteered to pick up the caregiver trays get them.

11:15 – Mass exodus to pick up the kids.

11:20 – The other two cleanup volunteers wash the caregiver dishes and tidy up the kitchen while one of the committee members supervises their kids in the lounge.

This way everything goes smoothly, the kids are all taken care of, and we are all finished by 11:30.