In Case You Need Some Encouragement Today

If you need a boost today, read this post.

And then remember that with the fall comes the next session of MOMs. We’re starting September 27, and it looks like it’s going to be good…


It Always Looks Pretty On The Internet

I found this article on filtering motherhood through Instagram, the mobile photo sharing app, to be really powerful this morning. There is sometimes quite a gap between the way we put our lives online, or even just share them with other people, and what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s good to share the good stuff, but sometimes that makes us feel like everyone else has a beautiful life and ours is the only one that sucks. It’s hard to remember that everyone has background noise too.


This Week Is At…

This is horrifically late and I fully expect to be at the park by myself, but… two kids… <shrugs>. I’m really sorry.

I’m going to Fort Rouge Park. In case the map confuses you, it’s on River Ave, on the south side of the river, east of Osborne. There’s a splash pad! Hooray!