November 2: Talking to our kids about race/racism

The world can be terrifying and sad sometimes.

Race/racism can’t be ignored – let’s think and talk about it together.

The session begins at 9:30am – drop off your kids between 9:00-9:30am. See you on Thursday!


October 26: Physio for post-baby bodies

Physiotherapist Megan Silcox will be come and talk to us about being good to our post-baby bodies.

Please wear comfortable clothing so you can try out the exercises.

We welcome new Moms to the group! We are located in the lower level of Bethel Mennonite Church in Winnipeg at 465 Stafford St.

The session begins at 9:30am. See you on Thursday!

October 19: Coffee Talk.

We’ll Coffee. We’ll Talk.

A reminder for new guests (and seasoned veterans too) that our morning schedule is typically like this:

  • 09.00  Arrival + Child Drop-Off
  • 09.15  Coffee + Snack Time
  • 09.30  The Main Event
  • 11.00  Clean Up
  • 11.15  Child Pick-Up

There’s more information about the morning on our About page:

See you on Thursday!

Book Exchange!

This week we’ll be discussing, sharing, trading and rediscovering books!

Bring a book, take a book, talk about books, dream about reading grown-up books… but let’s be realistic. 😉
 See you on Thursday!