Wrap-Up: Coffee Talk

What happens when you put a group of moms in a room and tell them to start talking? The time goes flying past and you realize that you’re not crazy after all, of course!

We had a great time this morning talking about all manner of things – the frustrations of motherhood and all its aspects, gratitude and our attitudes towards our children, the joys of yoga, going crazy in the winter, and the reasons for getting life insurance. Quite a mix, when it’s in a list like that! Many of us were interested in continuing the life insurance question in a session with a professional – if you weren’t here this morning, please weigh in on whether this sounds good for next year!

Also, here are the references for the two books mentioned this morning – lots of you were interested in them.

Sleepy Little Yoga by Rebecca Whitford & Martina Selway

365 Days of Creative Play by Sheila Ellison & Judith Gray (there are also others in the “365 Days of…” series by the same authors)

Finally, after all the times that yoga popped up around our circle, it’s probably good that our topic next week is yoga!



Coming Up: Coffee Talk

Remember that change of schedule we alluded to? It kicks in this week, but it’s a good thing… We have a Coffee Talk morning scheduled – and they are always a great time of talking + laughing + learning + connecting.

Before we get started, we’ll all have a chance to throw an anonymous question into the box. Our unofficial ‘theme’ will be questions coming out of last week’s session about money + family finances, but you can get as off-topic as you want to… In the past, we’ve discussed everything from healthy sleep habits to potty training to great family vacations.

This is your chance to ask ANYTHING from a group of moms. Don’t be shy! We certainly won’t be…

– Lindsay

Planting A Seed

Leanne mentioned on Thursday that we’re starting to think about next year’s planning committee. If you are interested – in joining or just in learning more about what that might mean – please get in touch with Leanne, Sandy, Megan, Corinna, or Lindsay. Thanks!

– Lindsay

Wrap-Up: Money, God, and Our Kids

This morning we had the opportunity to talk about finances and how we teach our children about them with Dori Zerbe Cornelsen from the Mennonite Foundation of Canada. She started us off by reading us Four Feet, Two Sandals, a picture book about sharing.

We talked about a whole range of really helpful stuff, from God’s role in our finances (hint: it should be large) to how money is a part of our stories and our relationships. We spent a good amount of time talking about our kids and money, and how we teach them about how money works. Some tips that Dori gave us:

  • teach kids about physical currency – plastic gives money no value. Kids need tactical objects.
  • our kids will have their own money stories – how are we influencing them?
  • if we don’t teach them about money, they will learn from other sources.
  • we should recruit grandparents to help us teach kids about generosity, rather than accidentally teaching them that stuff is a substitute for quality time.

Some helpful links:


The book Prodigal Sons and Material Girls, available at the Resource Centre

The Smart Cookies – and their book



As usual, add your thoughts, comments, helpful tips, or links, in the comments!



Simple Meal Planning Tool

I know that the topic of easy meal planning comes up A LOT in our group… (NO surprise, given we’re all super busy supermoms.)

I came across this resource a while ago and I think it’s kind of awesome. I especially love how it lets me do meal planning + grocery list making in a single step. And you can just print off the pages as you need them.

Here’s the link: Weekday Meal Planner from Real Simple

– Lindsay

Coming Up: Money Honey

In case the bridal shower games last week didn’t scare you off… Come on Thursday when we’ll talk about MONEY and DEATH!


This week, we are (honestly) excited to welcome Dori Zerbe Cornelson to the circle to discuss a spectrum of financial topics including wills and estate planning.

I’ll be honest… I used to really HATE talking about this stuff. It still makes me a little bit uncomfortable – I like to pretend that my little family will live forever in perfect health + happiness. And so we put it off for far longer than we should have. Finally, my husband and I (like a few other moms from our group) met with Dori to work through all kinds of Big Decisions – and as much as I didn’t want to, it felt AWESOME once we were actually doing it. There’s a really fabulous feeling that comes from knowing that you’ve got a plan. Especially when you’re so totally + completely Type A like me (hehe).

Come ready to learn, discuss, and ask questions. You’ll be glad you came and participated. I promise.

– Lindsay

Wrap-Up: Attack of the Bridesmaids!

I have to admit, this was another session that I was nervous about. Wedding shower games to me are capital ‘L’ Lame. But thankfully Linsday and Corinna did a great job setting up our Valentine’s Day flashback morning! It was a total riot to see everybody’s wedding pictures (and see pictures of husbands!), and hear memories both good and… less good.

Does anybody have any stories that they didn’t get to tell this morning? Share in the comments!