Friday Links

This post has been making the rounds – 16 ways the toy industry is stuck in the stone age

But here is a post from PBS on raising a powerful girl

10 posts every new mom should read

Have a great weekend, and welcome to December! (What? That’s crazy.)



Coming up this week How to make Advent Meaningful

With the holidays just around the corner this meeting focuses on How to Make Advent Meaningful for your Children. There will be some show and tell, so if you have an idea that you and your children do together please bring it in. If you cannot make it please comment below and share what you and your children do to make advent special.

Also next week will be our last meeting until the new year, so think of what tasty treat you want to bring in, and there will be a sign up going around.


This week’s wrap up: MCC Global Family

This week we had the lovely  Janessa come in from MCC’s Global Family Program.

So what is Global Family you ask?

It’s MCC’s version of child sponsoring, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an education program that allows children the access to education in their community, and to improve the education in that community. So really your not sponsoring a child your sponsoring the whole community. They made this switch over because it is more cost effective (more bang for your your buck), it eliminates jealousy between siblings because you could only sponsor 2 children per family. But mostly, it fosters community ownership, and assess the community’s needs to develop a customized program with the hopes of the community one day becomes self sufficient.

Still interested and want to help?

It cost less than a $1 a day ($300 for the year) and can support up to 5 students.

You can click on the link to visit their website

Also Erinne mentioned that there is this lovely (and delicious) organic butchery and bakery based out of Fraserwood (Gimili area) that delivers meat into the city every 2 weeks. If anyone is interested in putting in a mass order they will deliver it on a Thursday after MOM’s group. How exciting is that!

You can check out Aunthill Farms

And lastly we have 2 more sessions before we break for Christmas. There will be a sign up sheet for the Christmas potluck going around next week.

Caution: Treacherous Sidewalks

The City of Winnipeg has issued a hazard warning regarding the city’s sidewalks this morning. In case anyone reads this before coming to MOMs, wear your crampons and put spikes on your strollers. Or just be very careful out there!


Coming Up: The Next Two Weeks

This week’s session is still being put together, but we will have things in place by Thursday. Don’t worry! It will still be great, and there will DEFINITELY be coffee.

An important note for this week, however, is that there will be a funeral at the church at 11, so we have been asked to avoid parking in the centre of the parking lot, and also to be as discreet as possible when we’re leaving. Sorry for the inconvenience – the church tries to avoid these situations, but this week it was unavoidable.

And finally, for next week’s session, we’ll be talking about ways to make advent meaningful and spiritual for our kids. What do you do to count down the days until Christmas? Do you start on the first Sunday of advent, or the first of December? Do you use visuals, or books, or have conversations? Most particularly, how do you teach your kids about the faith part of Christmas? Comment or email any ideas you have, if you like, or bring your thoughts for our discussion. If you have visuals for show-and-tell, that’s even better! We’d love to see what you use.