This Week: Getting Moody

This week we’ll be looking at ways we can organize, declutter, and curate our homes into spaces we love. Don’t worry – we’ll spend our time focusing on functionality and working with what we have, not dropping a bunch of cash to make our homes look like magazines. Cause ain’t nobody got time for that! (Bonus: cutting up magazines and playing with glue to make mood boards [collages] of things we love!)

If you have a stack of magazines kicking around, bring them! More is always better.


Annemarie’s Awesome Links

What do you really want? – thinking about the motivation behind why we buy stuff, especially repeat stuff.

Learning how to exert self-control – helpful for both ourselves and our kids.

Glennon from Momastery’s beauty routine. The photo made me straight-up guffaw.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Emma Watson’s fabulous speech to the UN on her new worldwide feminism campaign.

And because she’s such a great role model, here are 15 awesome things she’s said.

Every parenting article ever written.

And I know parenting books are pretty much at the same level of usefulness, but here are A Cup Of Jo’s 15 favourites (most of them are my favourites too, and I own a lot of them!).

How to feel confident in two minutes. It works!

Hey new moms, I’ve felt terrible things. NSFW language, but a really important point.

Why I want my sons to see me naked.

And two from Instagram – outfit burritos for the week and the same mom’s account full of fun craft ideas for preschoolers. She’s got the most creative brain!

Wrap-Up: Meal Planning

We had lots of good ideas for meal planning this morning. Here are some of the tips:

– giving the week some structure – either basing the plan around proteins or a theme meal (pasta, tacos, kid’s favourite, etc)

– having a master list of favourite meals

– making a double batch and freezing the extras for a quick meal later

– Sandy’s trick: make a two-week plan that is recycled four times through a season, so one meal plan lasts for eight weeks

– letting kids’ nutrition balance out over the week, rather than during a day

– making sure you take enough time to plan, as it takes longer than just writing out a grocery list

– looking over what you have left in the fridge/pantry and incorporating that first

– having a list of emergency meals when the day has exploded and keeping those staples on hand.


What have I forgotten? Or what else have you thought of since the session ended? Comment please!

Meal Planning Master List

As part of preparing for tomorrow’s session, here’s a round up of meal planning and recipe resources from ye olde internete. If you have some that aren’t listed here, add them to the comments!

Blog Posts About Meal Planning:

Bringing Back our Family Meals – Peanut Blossom

What to Cook Tonight – Dinner: A Love Story

Efficient Meal Planning – Stephmodo

Grocery Shop and Meal Plan Like a Champ – Adulting

Back to the Basics Menu Planning – The Art of Simple

10 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning – The Kitchn

Food52’s Top Ten Meal Planning Tips – Whole Foods Kitchen


Annemarie’s Favourite Food Blogs:

The Kitchn

Dinner: A Love Story

Smitten Kitchen


101 Cookbooks

Thug Kitchen (caution: swears)

And, of course, there’s Pinterest.


Annemarie’s Awesome Links

We’re starting TOMORROW! YEAH! Here’s another batch of links to get you through as you lie awake with anticipation tonight.

It gets better for moms. (I feel similarly about the start of kindergarten.)

How to get better sleep. (Note: not to do with your children’s sleep or lack thereof.)

Parenting in Turkey and Parenting in Chile – the series is done now, but hopefully she brings it back next year!

Classic movies made not-sexist.

8 tips for a good marriage.

One man took a year off the internet.

Amazing science to show that writing is good for your health.

A different way to think about those darn sleep regressions (the article mentions the wonder weeks – they have an iPhone app and I like it.)

17 lies to stop teaching girls.

That’s it! See you tomorrow at 9:15 with bells on!

Attention! Attention! MOM’s is back!

You heard right! MOM’s starts back up this week!

Thursday Sept 18th
Show up between 9am and 9:20 for childcare drop off and to fill out paperwork.
Promptly starting at 9:30

Introduce the Committee
Go over some house keeping things
Circle question so we get to know one another
Pick up the kidlets.

Don’t forget your cheque book $25 registration fee for the season or $5 per meeting up to $25.

Also the schedule is up and you can check it out under 2014 Fall Schedule or subscribe to the Google Calendar on your smart device.

And as always if you no longer want to receive emails find the unsubscribe button. If you want to receive emails then press subscribe.

Annemarie’s Awesome Links

I’m just giving up on the Friday thing and calling it that from now on. They’ll get posted when I have a handful. Sounds good? Cool. Onward!

Surprising Things about Parenting in Australia

School Lunch Ideas – we all need lunch inspiration.

Building Community After Kids – I love this idea.

How My Bougainvillaea Taught Me About Living With Less – really loved this too.

Do you know about the 5 Love Languages? Super helpful.

I made this my iPhone lock screen. It even works sometimes!

I am cautious about posting this ridiculous link with TERRIBLE science journalism, but these preliminary findings are leading scientists to exciting hypotheses with regards to treating kids with severe allergies and asthma in the future. So, no, they are not that close to a “cure,” but there is promising research! (These caveats brought to you by my scientist friend who works in the field of vaccines.)

Heidi sent this to me: Dear Mom on the iPhone, You’re Doing Fine. Good encouragement.

Give me Gratitude or Give me Debt – I’ve seen this everywhere, but in case you haven’t, it’s so refreshing.

How I limited screen time by offering unlimited screen time – this has CHANGED MY LIFE. Not joking. It’s working so well for us with a 5-year-old. Follow up post: Momentum Optimization Project: Summertime Edition.

This back to school letter is beautiful.

That’s what I’ve got today! I’m sure there will be another big list soon – I’m going through my blogs post-vacay.

So you can put it in your calendar: we’re starting up again on the 18th! Rejoice!