Friday Links

Hello! I hope you had a lovely Easter and ate as much chocolate as you needed. Here’s what I found in my link-clicking this week:

The Trick of Life – a powerful post on praying for others. This really impacted me over the last two weeks.

If you like a format for prayer (I do), Pope Francis’ five-finger prayer is a great guideline.

But then sometimes prayer is not actually the most important thing you should do for yourself – sometimes your own physical needs have to come first. Tsh Oxenreider talks about it.

And here is a wonderful essay on living with kindness.

And another, George Saunders’ advice to graduates of Syracuse University on his biggest regret – failures of kindness.

My links this week share a common theme – kindness and prayer must be on my mind. Have a superlative weekend, and don’t forget the First Completely Rad Moms and Wine Party tomorrow night at my house (wine optional), if you’d like to come.



From Erinne

Hey ladies. Need your power of prayer right now. Can you all pray for my friend’s daughter Hayley? She’s having a tough weekend with her cancer. Let’s get this little girl feeling better!

Friday Links

Here’s what came through my browser this week:

Breast pump design hasn’t really changed in sixty years. If men needed them, they’d be as elegant as an iPhone and as quiet as a Prius.

Do you let yourself become uncomfortable, or are you always trying to distract yourself?

I honestly haven’t even read this article. I’m just linking in case you’re a Prince George fan like me and want to stare at his adorable little upper-class face.

Writing about a good life requires living that good life.

And now I’m off to bed! Enjoy the puddles this weekend, and happy Palm Sunday! Easter week is my favourite in the entire church year.


Remember: Caregiver Tea

Tuesday April 8th

7:00 pm, Lower Lounge

Come show your appreciation to the lovely ladies who volunteered their precious time to look after our Little’s while we enjoyed hot coffee and had actual adult time.


Please leave all but the littlest of little’s at home.

P.S. There will be delicious, delicious cheesecake.


Friday Links

Annemarie here again! Here’s my roundup of stuff for the week.

This post isn’t new, but it is awesome. Six words to say to your child – it’s affirming, loving, and has an amazing effect. I’ve tried it and it works.

Do you ever do deconstructed dinners? It’s a great way to make one supper that everyone can eat according to their pickiness levels.

Amalah is my favourite blogger in the whole world, and this post cracked me up so much.

Have a lovely weekend! The forecast is starting to climb up so I’m busting out the splash pants – how are you going to get outside?