Another Little Reminder

Thursday is Vimy Ridge Park day! Come and play with us!



To all you lovely ladies. Have a great sun shiny day.   From Us.   P.S. How where you spoiled today? I personally have 4 garden gnomes to be places around my yard for optimal creepy-ness. ~Danielle~

Summer MOM’s Starts This THURSDAY MAY 9th

What: Summer Moms
Why: Because we miss each other and need an excuse to get out
Who: you and your kids, your friends and their kids, your  husband/mom/sister/dog, whoever you want to bring!
Where: Vimy Ridge Park (just off Home St, south of Portage). Starting in July, bring your swim stuff because there’s a splash pad and wading  pool.
When: Thursday mornings. Get there when you get there. Some of us will  show up at 10, but by August it’s usually 11. 🙂