Another Little Reminder

Thursday is Vimy Ridge Park day! Come and play with us!


It’s Summer MOMs Season

Just one more quick reminder that Summer MOMs meets at Vimy Ridge every Thursday morning from now until September! Come and play!



To all you lovely ladies. Have a great sun shiny day.   From Us.   P.S. How where you spoiled today? I personally have 4 garden gnomes to be places around my yard for optimal creepy-ness. ~Danielle~

Summer MOM’s Starts This THURSDAY MAY 9th

What: Summer Moms
Why: Because we miss each other and need an excuse to get out
Who: you and your kids, your friends and their kids, your  husband/mom/sister/dog, whoever you want to bring!
Where: Vimy Ridge Park (just off Home St, south of Portage). Starting in July, bring your swim stuff because there’s a splash pad and wading  pool.
When: Thursday mornings. Get there when you get there. Some of us will  show up at 10, but by August it’s usually 11. 🙂