Dr Seuss Day

Did you know? Friday is Dr Seuss Day!

If you need a nonsense reason to do something fun with your kids this week, a quick Google search will give you more ideas than you will be able to use in a lifetime – fun little snacks + lunches, crafts, printable colouring / activity sheets… Seriously. Minds will be BOGGLED. The internet is chock full of blogger moms with too much time on their hands (hehe).

If you’re somewhat less inspired, don’t ignore it completely. Take a minute and check out this fun little list of 30 Dr Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life. There are some serious gems in there.

What’s your favourite Dr Seuss book?

– Lindsay


Let’s Talk About Church (Baby)

As a committee, we’ve been chatting a little bit lately about how many churches are represented by the moms in our group (and of course, we know that a bunch of us don’t attend church). We’re curious to know if you attend church – and if so, where you go.

We’ve set up a totally anonymous poll – and we’d love it if you’d take a second to answer it. If you don’t go to church, click that option. If you attend occasionally at a few different places, click as many options as you need to. And if you attend a church not listed here, you can let us know which one (we pulled this list from past MOMs attendees).

And while we’re chatting about church… How has the church experience changed for you? Is attending church on Sunday mornings something that has become more important, less important, or stayed the same for you since becoming parents?

– Lindsay

Motherhood + Confidence

Celebrity mom-of-two Jessica Alba did an interview with LA Confidential where she said this: “I feel like I’ve finally come into my own and become the person I always should have been, or that I always wanted to be. I feel more grounded, free and comfortable in my own skin than I ever have.”

Was this true for you?

– Lindsay

Can Moms With Different Parenting Styles Be Friends?

There are as many parenting styles as there are parents. For real. And while I think that’s mostly a good thing – because it means that we’re being true to ourselves / our beliefs + customizing our approach to be a great fit for our unique kids – I can definitely see the potential for some awkward situations when your best friends choose a very different approach to parenting.

This article – Can Moms With Different Parenting Styles Be Friends? – raises some good questions and really got me thinking about the moms I’m friends with. Sometimes, it’s more comfortable to hang out with people who share your ideas. But as a super cautious, often over-protective mom, it’s good for me to see that other people are raising awesome kids who drink non-organic milk or get their clothes dirty from time to time (hehe) – and it helps me to loosen up in some areas that need loosening.

What do you think? Are most of your mommy friends like-minded, do you agree to disagree, or have differing opinions affected some of your friendships?

– Lindsay

Battling Backtalk

This article showed up in my inbox this morning, and it had a few good ideas that I wanted to pass along. It’s all about kids talking back and how to deal with it (I’m assuming I don’t have the only kid in the world who does this if it’s the subject of a major parenting article!).

Battling Backtalk: Five Tips Every Parent Needs

What do you think? Have you tried any of these strategies in your home? Or have you discovered different things that work? We’d love to hear about it!

– Lindsay

Wrap-Up: Those Awkward Questions

This week we had Dr Karen Robinson come to answer our questions related to women’s health. We talked about all sorts of things, from supplements and iron deficiencies to yeast infections and menopause. I’m afraid I’m going to play it safe this week and not post a detailed summary – I’d rather not deal with the sort of internet traffic that such a discussion can sadly bring. If you missed last week and want to know what we talked about, you should definitely ask in person or via email.

We also listened to a fabulous devotional from Patti-Lynne on the importance of solitude. If you were interested in the book that she quoted from, it was Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.


FREE Passes to the Baby + Kids Show!

I have two one-day passes to the Baby + Kids Show at the Convention Centre this weekend… Anyone who comments on this post before midnight tonight will be entered to win!

I’ll make a random draw at midnight and whoever wins can either pick them up from my house in River Heights or I can drop them off around lunchtime on Saturday. The tickets are for one day only, but can be used on either Saturday *or* Sunday.

Good luck! Check back here at midnight to find out if you’re the winner…

– Lindsay

Get Involved

If you love MOMs – and have some opinions about what kinds of sessions you’d like to see or want the chance to get to know more of the incredible people in our group – why not become a MOMs volunteer? There are a few different ways you can help.

Join Our Committee

We meet four or five times a year (usually a weekday evening or a Saturday morning, but whatever works best for the group). Committee members are involved in choosing and planning session topics, usually commit to either coming a little bit early or staying a little bit late on Thursday mornings to help, and take on a few ‘extra’ duties according to their interests, passions, and gifts. If that sounds like a lot, please remember that we’re all moms and we are super flexible and willing to cover for each other – hey, EVERYONE’s kids get sick sometimes!

We have a GREAT committee this year, but we already know that a few of our members will be moving on in the fall. Now is a perfect time to think about whether or not you’d like to be a part of the 2012/2013 MOMs committee. We’d love to get you involved now, so you can get your feet wet and learn the ropes before next year’s planning really gets started.

Help Out with Summer MOMs

We’re also looking for one or two people to help plan our Summer MOMs events – and this does not need to mean a commitment to be on the committee. Our Summer MOMs coordinators take care of choosing meet-up locations and making sure that someone is there to host every one of our Thursday AM events from late April to late August. It’s not a big job, but it’s obviously easier with a few people to share the responsibility.

Our next committee meeting is happening on March 6. If you’d like to know more about either of these volunteer opportunities, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer your questions!

– Lindsay