Another New MOMs Baby!

Congratulations to Annemarie (and Sam and Lucy) on the safe arrival of baby Rowan James, born last night – and already home! The family is doing great and they don’t need any extra help for now, but we’ll let you know here if there’s anything our group can do for them.

– Lindsay


April Fools

Honestly? April 1 kind of stresses me out. I hate the feeling that there could be a (maybe bad) surprise waiting for me just around the corner. Actually, I hate surprises PERIOD. But playing pranks on other people? SIGN ME UP.

Check out this article for a list of fun + harmless + little kid friendly April Fools Day pranks that won’t send your kids to therapy…

– Lindsay

Earth Hour (with kids!)

Are you turning off your lights for Earth Hour this weekend?

We usually do, but we’ve never involved Briony (mostly because it happens after bedtime). This article in Today’s Parent got me thinking about ‘faking it’ and doing a mini Earth Hour earlier in the evening as a fun memory + teachable moment.

I’d love to know if this is something other families have tried!

– Lindsay

MOMs Playdate Tomorrow!

If anyone is interested, a few of us are meeting at the Children’s Museum for a playdate tomorrow morning, since there’s no MOMs due to spring break. It’s at the Forks and admission is $10 for everyone over 1, which is a bit pricey, but it is a fabulous good time. Gabrielle and I are planning to meet there at 10am unless I’ve gone into labour, in which case we’ll both be, um, preoccupied. Feel free to join us, or if you’re planning another outing, share it in the comments if you want company. Have a good week, and we’ll see you at our wrap-up brunch next week!


p.s. Don’t worry, we’ll get the master list of rainy day crafts posted very soon.

Sale on Craft Supplies

Just spotted a sale on Melissa + Doug craft supplies at Lux for Sprouts: spend $20, save 20%!

We love the Melissa + Doug paper pads – including specialty paper for painting and (my personal favourite) paper that’s printed to look like it’s framed. They also make everything from paint to kid-friendly scissors.

If cabin fever is setting in and you’re looking for some new crafty fun, be sure to check it out!

– Lindsay

Streamlining Dinner Clean-Up

I warned you that I read a lot of Real Simple… hehe.

I came across this checklist for Quick Dinner Clean-Up and it got me thinking… What do you do to streamline the process of getting dinner on the table – and then cleaned up again after? I find that microscopic little window between dinner and bedtime incredibly stressful, and I love learning about what works for other families!

– Lindsay

Spring Cleaning Shortcuts

So it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m *slightly* obsessed with Real Simple. I can’t help it… It’s such a good magazine, and I get a little bit giddy when I see the new issue in my mailbox. Today, I came across their article on Spring Cleaning Shortcuts – music to the ears of this busy mommy (and I figured I wouldn’t be alone!).

Do you do a full ‘spring cleaning’ session like our moms used to do?

What’s the one spring cleaning job that you hate to do? Is there one that you secretly love?

– Lindsay


It’s officially Day One of Spring Break and I’m dying to know who’s tried some of the ideas Heidi shared at MOMs last week!

Briony built a ‘tent’ at my parents’ place yesterday with a couple of sheets draped over their pool table and OH MY GOSH was it ever exciting… hehe. She had a picnic under there with about two dozen stuffed animals and it kept her entertained for HOURS. I can’t believe I’d never tried it before.

– Lindsay

Thanks for Praying!

An update from Patti-Lynne:

Hello Bethel Moms,

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your prayers regarding my dad today.  He was in surgery from 9 am or so until about 5 and  everything was completed successfully.  Now he is resting and will be sent home to recover within the next day or so.

MOMS group is a wonderful place to share prayer requests like this and I really appreciate all your prayers, thoughts and kind words on my dad’s behalf.

Have a great spring break,