What Did You Think?

While you’re pining away for MOMs tomorrow, can you take a minute to fill out the nifty online survey that Lindsay has done up? It should be in your email, but here’s the link again.

MOMs 2010-2011 Evaluation

Thanks so much; the more feedback we get, the better we will be! See you next week for our FABULOUS brunch.



A Quick Link

One thing I forgot to add yesterday: the link to the site where you can publish your own book.


Go, produce masterpieces!


Wrap-Up: Bulletproof Positive Attitude

Today we had an inspiring session with Kal Barteski, who is an artist, a mom, and an “online journaler” (although blogs are totally cool, fyi). We opened with a devotional from Gina that launched a pretty emotional discussion about forgiveness and how to actually DO it.

Kal is a local artist who does a fair bit of graphic design but is primarily a painter. She really does have a bulletproof positive attitude that she’s cultivated in conjunction with her art since she was a little girl – she started doing graphic design after high school without letting anyone tell her she couldn’t, and she painted once a week for over two hundred weeks, finally publishing all the paintings in to a gorgeous book that Gina brought for us to look at. I did a bit of research and the only place I could find it for sale was on amazon.com – follow this link to find the listing. (The library didn’t list it either – lame.)

She emphasized that it’s essential for moms to continue to nurture our creativity even though life is crazy and finding time for ourselves is challenging. To be the best moms we can be we also need to be creatively fulfilled. But it’s also important to remember that we don’t have to do everything right now, because there’s lots more time once our kids are lower maintenance.

If you want more Kal, her blog (and shop!) can be found here.

For the Elizabeth Gilbert talk at TED (a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading – if you don’t know about TED talks, they are DEFINITELY worth a naptime browse or two!) click here. I haven’t even read her books but I love this talk.

How do you nurture your creativity and/or a positive attitude? Comment away!


A Little Bit of Arm Twisting

We’ve been talking A LOT about next year’s Bethel MOMs committee. And it doesn’t take an expert to predict the two questions that immediately come to mind: What am I going to have to do? And how much of my time is it going to take?

Here’s the good news… You’re already putting in most of the time it would take to be a committee member, just by showing up + participating on Thursday mornings.

  • We meet 4 or 5 times a year to plan sessions and ensure the MOMs program continues to run smoothly
  • Other than our meetings, communication between committee members happens mostly by email
  • Committee members pitch in to help Thursday morning sessions run more smoothly – coming a little early, or staying a little late, or coordinating with guest speakers

Every committee member also has a list of unique responsibilities that they’ve taken charge of, and these roles are determined mostly by interest. Our immediate need is for an additional caregiver coordinator, but if that’s not your thing, please don’t let it stop you from volunteering – trust me, we’ll find you something to do!

If that sounds busy, don’t be scared. We’re a team. And we’re all moms – we totally get it if your kids get sick or life just gets a little bit crazy. We cover for each other.

Last year at this time, I was hearing this same information and I definitely hesitated to volunteer… I was worried about how I’d find the time and the energy to be able to help – and to be able to do a good job. But I signed up. And I’m so happy that I did.

Being part of this committee has really enriched my involvement with this MOMs group. It’s fun to be a part of brainstorming session ideas and coming up with new ideas. And it’s been awesome to get to know some of our MOMs better.

I’m excited to be helping out again next year. And I’m (obviously) not above a little bit of arm-twisting to help encourage some of you to join us. So you should sign up.

– Lindsay

Thinking About: Swimming Moments

A friend shared this with me today – Lamb Mothers and Amazing Grace – and I thought it would be something that every mom in our group could appreciate. I hope it helps you to pause and savour today with your little ones (whatever kind of day you’re having).

I think we all have ‘swimming moments’ where we pause and realize that our kids aren’t going to be little forever, an ordinary moment that turns suddenly sacred.

What was one of those moments for you?

– Lindsay

Coming Up: Spahhhh…

Let’s go to the SPA!

Chrissy Novak – a local Mary Kay representative – will be doing facials and manicures with us on Thursday.

While there will be NO sales pressure, she will have catalogues and products available for sale – so if you wish to purchase something, bring cash, cheque, or credit card.

You can even come dressed for the spa in yoga pants and comfy clothes!

– Lindsay

Wrap-Up: Lost, Bethel Moms Edition

This week we heard the full story behind Gina and Jeff Unger’s fateful canoe trip that left them stranded in the wilderness for seventeen days. It was a remarkable story of God’s amazing provision, and we were all riveted to our seats. We were definitely blessed to get to hear the first-hand account of what happened – I love survival stories, and they’re that much better with a personal connection. Thanks so much, Gina and Jeff!


Wrap-Up: Inhale, Exhale

This morning we blissed out with yoga instructor Kathy Pankratz as she led us through a yoga class geared towards moms and yoga newbies. From my perspective as a yoga fanatic, I thought it was great. From the conversation around the room afterwards, I think that other people felt the same way.

Before we got into yoga, Becca led us in a discussion on the spiritual side of yoga and how we fit that into our Christian beliefs. Most of us agreed that we either use the time during practice for prayer, or just focus on the relaxation aspect.

At the end of the session, we discussed resources. Here are a few:

Yoga cards, helpful for setting up a home practice involving your kids or just for yourself (I have some, and they’re easier to follow than a book)

-the Winnipeg Yoga Centre, where Kathy teaches

Yoga Journal magazine online, home to lots of great resources (I read the magazine and use the website – very helpful. They also have an iPod/iPhone app and a podcast, for gadget types)

-one other tip: the lululemon athletica store in Polo Park has a bulletin board in the middle of the store with a list of yoga classes in the city – they have business cards and lots of info. They also have free yoga classes on Sunday mornings (during church time, of course, but if you happen to have church at a different time you could go check them out!)