November 9: Simple steps for daily self-care

Tessa will be sharing and leading a discussion about taking simple steps to self care throughout the day.

And coming to Bethel Moms this Thursday is the first step!

The session begins at 9:30am – drop off your kids between 9:00-9:30am. Please park your strollers down the hall from the administrative assistant’s office.

See you on Thursday!


November 2: Talking to our kids about race/racism

The world can be terrifying and sad sometimes.

Race/racism can’t be ignored – let’s think and talk about it together.

The session begins at 9:30am – drop off your kids between 9:00-9:30am. See you on Thursday!

October 19: Coffee Talk.

We’ll Coffee. We’ll Talk.

A reminder for new guests (and seasoned veterans too) that our morning schedule is typically like this:

  • 09.00  Arrival + Child Drop-Off
  • 09.15  Coffee + Snack Time
  • 09.30  The Main Event
  • 11.00  Clean Up
  • 11.15  Child Pick-Up

There’s more information about the morning on our About page:

See you on Thursday!

Book Exchange!

This week we’ll be discussing, sharing, trading and rediscovering books!

Bring a book, take a book, talk about books, dream about reading grown-up books… but let’s be realistic. 😉
 See you on Thursday!