From last week – sharing our genius ideas for organizing life!

Revisiting: The Joy of Daily Flow
Genius ideas:
For dealing with dirty rags:
  • hooks under the sink to let rags dry
  • wet pail with vinegar
  • mesh laundry bin
  • mesh toy basket from IKEA
For laundry:
  • hide it in spare room/basement/anywhere until you can deal with it
  • fold it right away while watching TV
  • fold on bed or dining room table so you have to put it away
  • have one stackable basket or laundry basket for each person and make everyone retrieve theirs from the laundry room
For clothes strewn everywhere:
  • if your kids don’t like wearing underwear and/or socks, have a basket for them at the front door so they can put them on before they go out and dump them in when they come home
  • have a main floor laundry basket
For front entry:
  • have hooks close to the entry but not in it if space is tight– be creative!
  • only put the stuff you use every day in the front entry
  • keep the “deep winter” stuff separate since you don’t use it every day
General clutter reduction:
  • individual toy baskets for each kid so they can only have toys that fit in that basket in the living room (the rest in the play room if you have one)
  • put a sheet set inside a pillow case so it’s easy to organize your linen closet and find the whole set (even if you put together mishmash sets)
  • have a library return bag on a hook so you can put books you’re finished in it right away
  • read Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up
  • create your meal plan so that obscure ingredients get used up throughout the week
  • make a special end of the week breakfast with extras so that you can snack on them when you’re running out of groceries: rice pudding, pancakes, waffles, etc.
  • create a list of your 20 favourite meals so that you can make your meal plan based on that
  • make supper (or at least prep the ingredients) before the witching hour starts (ie. before 2 or 3 pm)

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