Annemarie’s Awesome Links

Some stuff to read to brighten up another cold weekend. Put on Neflix for the kids, make yourself a coffee and pretend you’re hanging out at MOMs.

When you feel like you don’t make a difference, read this.

Can you not invite February? (I think that anthropomorphizing things and then texting with them is hilarious.)

Perfectly accurate video shows why moms get nothing done. This baby reminds me of Clara like whoa.

From our Facebook group, but good enough for a repost: Sex is tricky.

Tablets aren’t rotting kids’ brains.

What to say to your friend who is infertile.

Being thin didn’t make me happy, but being fat does. This one got me thinking. Here is the article it came out of.

Why feminist ads don’t actually help the feminist cause.

Mindfulness in the empty moments.

Kids go through phases.

And finally, beauty is everywhere.


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