Annemarie’s Awesome Links

For the first time in 2015! Here we go.

When real life doesn’t look like a lifestyle blog – a nice reminder that there’s more to life than Pinterest/Instagram shots.

In case you missed it the last time it went around, why babies in Finland sleep in cardboard boxes.

My lovely wife in the psych ward – a sobering look at the reality of serious mental illness.

13 amazing life hacks. I cracked up hard.

A nice article on the reality of coparenting.

The risk of material parenting – this one is pretty eye-opening, if you tend to give material rewards or take things away as a form of discipline. Also super relevant to our simplicity parenting session.

21 parenting tips – there’s some good stuff in here, even if you’re no longer a n00b. And the link to the last roundup is great too.

Mommy, somebody needs you – sniffle.

You just had a baby.

What happens to your brain when you become a mom. Fascinating!

And finally, one model tried on 10 pairs of size 16 jeans. Spoiler alert: sizing is CRAZY BEYOND ALL REASON and here is the proof.


Have a lovely weekend, friends!


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