Coming Up: It’s Time!

Hello friends! Great news! We are starting up again on THURSDAY! Thank goodness we made it until now.

We’re going to do our usual registration and intro, but we’re also going to introduce a topic for next Thursday. For quite some time, people have been asking for us to do a session based on the book Simplicity Parenting., so we are going to do it next week. There are a few of us who own the book already. It’s available from the library here and Amazon here. (Chapters has it in stock, but McNally does not). Or you can skip reading it and join the conversation anyway, possibly giving yourself a nice flashback to all those times you wrote papers without having read the book. Good times!

I am so excited to get back to our Thursdays and I can’t wait to see all of you!


One thought on “Coming Up: It’s Time!

  1. Hey there! So sad I won’t be joining you 😦 But this post reminded me that I lent my copy of Simplicity Parenting to someone last year, and I’d LOVE to have it back! My name is in the front cover. Thanks so much! And enjoy Thursday morning!

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