Annemarie’s Awesome Links

It’s the Christmas edition! For all your free time (well, maybe bookmark this for the magical hour when the kids are entranced by their presents).

14 snapshots that summed up parenting in 2014. I love this roundup.

How to make a proper cup of tea.

The benefits of gentle discipline.

I’m totally starting this Christmas tradition.

A thought-provoking essay on children and beauty and perceptions.

How to stop fighting about screen time. The screen time part is interesting, but the idea of changing the framework of how quality time is presented is a really great idea.

This is sobering. Although it doesn’t apply to most of us currently, it may apply to our partners: your lifestyle has already been designed.

15 finance tips for 2015.

This was a perspective-changer too: the exponential benefits of eating less. Food and eating as a social justice issue.

How to teach kids to cook, so that they can take over Christmas dinner next year. (One day…)

And this article is a lovely dispeller of birth story competition: 10 ways c-sections and vaginal deliveries are the same.


Ok! That’s a hefty list of thought-provoking stuff. Happy Christmas, and I hope your holidays are full of love and peace and joy and just the right amount of chaos to keep it fun.


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