Coming Up: Make MCC Relief Kits

Hi everyone,
As promised, I’m going to try and coordinate a donation project for our group. The MCC website says they are most in need of relief kits, so that will be the project this year. The items are easy to buy while grocery shopping, so hopefully we can make this happen!
How it will work:
– Please email me if you would like to be involved (
– pick item/s from the list that you can contribute
– if you’d rather give money that works too
– bring items/money to my house (203 ethelbert) on Thursday, Dec 18th at 10:00am
– that morning we will count out items for the kits and make a list of what’s left to get
– I’ll go out and get extra items, and then drop the stuff off at MCC
Here’s the list per kit:
  • 4 large bars bath soap
  • 1 plastic bottle shampoo (380–710 ml; place in re-sealable plastic bag)
  • 4 large bars laundry soap (Sunlight ® brand preferred)
  • 4 adult-size toothbrushes
  • 4 new bath towels (medium weight, dark or bright colours)
  • 2 wide-tooth combs (15 cm–20 cm)
  • 1 fingernail clipper (good quality)
  • 1 box adhesive bandages (minimum 40 count, assorted)
  • 1 package sanitary pads (18–24 count thin maxi)
Every bit counts, so check your cupboards for unopened items, pick things up while out grocery shopping, or rifle through your parents’ cupboards.

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