Wrap Up: Advent Traditions and Ideas

So Last week (because the ball is so far out of sight over here) Sarah brought a wonderful craft for the whole group to do, and its super simple and really pretty when all said and done. What you need is some small candy bags, string and whatever you want to decorate your bags with.

IMG_3036Now you have your bags put together, you need to fill your bags with things. I’ve compiled a PDF of AdventActivities you can print off (and cut out) with activities to do with your children. As well you can put little “gifts” in the bags such as stickers, mini play dough, trinkets, ornaments, or anything that tickles your fancy while in Dollarama.

On top of daily activities and trinkets you can also place Christmas hymns and/or scriptures in the bags to read daily, or a verse from the Christmas Story. You can also place craft supplies in each bag and collect the pieces to make the craft on the last day.

If you glance back at the Making Advent Meaningful Post from 2 years ago it is a great resource for scriptures to read just need to click on Chandra, Megan or Gina’s link.

If decorating bags is too intimidating or time consuming there are other ways to visually acknowledge Advent such as hanging a string and add an ornament a day, or making a paper chain and either adding a loop a day or removing a loop a day. It makes for a great visual aid for children who can count as to how many days are left until Christmas.

Some of the family traditions discussed aside from memorizing the Christmas Story, was taking the nativity scene and bring Mary and Joseph closer to the manger each day and then place baby Jesus in the manger on the last Sunday of Advent. Another told about how they added a new animal each day to the manger, or how they’re family would sing Christmas songs around a candle after supper each night.   Or every night before bed read a poem or story from a favourite book like the Holly Pond Hill Treasury.

If this is all a little much you can gaze at the English Christmas Market from the comfort of you computer,  no going outside, charming English accents and “all of this for about the price of a coffee”  with a Jackie Lawson Advent Calendar.


P.S. If you want the Advent Activities as a doc so you can edit and add your own just let me know.


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