Annemarie’s Awesome Links

A nice and odd assortment for you this chilly Wednesday.

The gospel of parenthood according to Tina and Amy.

A teacher shadowed her high school students and was horrified.

I’m pregnant, so why can’t I tell you? (NOTE: this is the title of the article I AM NOT PREGNANT)

If you have any influence over the people who buy gifts for your kids and don’t want an avalanche of stuff this Christmas, send them this: 15 non-toy gifts for children.

You don’t need a toaster to make toast.

10 things no one tells you about being married and the 9 most overlooked things in a marriage.

The original SIDS researcher has come out and said that bed-sharing is not dangerous. Thank goodness, because I think most of us have done it at some point.

How to get a big life. (Contains swears.)

Have a great Hallowe’en! Put on lots of layers for trick-or-treating and enjoy your kids’ candy guilt-free – we’ll just call it a tiny piece of what they owe you.

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