Wrap-Up: Pelvic Floor Health

Today we had an awesome time learning all about how our insides stay inside with physiotherapist Karin Neufeld. We talked about how our bodies have changed and how we take care of them since becoming moms; the truth behind “I laughed so hard I peed my pants;” the importance of Kegels; and physical activity pre- and post-partum.

Just as a refresher, we did three exercises. Starting from hips in a neutral position (lying flat with knees bent, or sitting directly on the sit bones) and a relaxed core, the first was hold in a fart, then bring the squeeze forward, then release. The second was to simulate the motion of a jellyfish inside our vagina, and the third was to pick up a small object (like a grape) (just for pretend) with our labia.

Karin said that it’s important to practice both the quick-release type of Kegel (which prevents peeing during sneezing, laughing, jumping jacks, whatever),  and also the prolonged Kegel (using the above techniques) in various positions – standing, sitting, lying, and even squatting. She also recommended squatting in the shower and inserting a finger so that you can feel whether you’re isolating the correct muscles and how effective you are.

She talked about the MuTu System – here’s the poster on falling in love with your pelvic floor.

So the moral of the story is that it’s really important to love and respect your pelvic floor, and now you have more tools in which to do that!

And in case you’re not a part of our Facebook group, the link is here so you can ask to join.


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