Wrap-Up: Getting Moody

This morning we talked about how to turn our homes into places that we love. Maggie and I shared our thoughts on decluttering and simplicity and their effects on our homes and lives, and here are a few of the highlights:

– The 20/20 rule: if you’re holding onto something “just in case” and it costs less than $20 and takes fewer than 20 minutes to acquire, get rid of it.

– Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful (quotation by William Morris)

– Simplicity and declutter can and should be applied to more than just stuff – time, money, food, activities, screen time, news exposure… all these areas can clutter our lives and make it difficult to actually live.

– To test whether you really need to keep something, put it away in the basement/a closet/the garage and see if you miss it or reach for it. If you don’t, it can go away!

– Our culture has trained us to attach a lot of emotional value to stuff. This is an important thing to examine – it’s okay to take a picture of the object and donate it so it will be used, or throw it away (or recycle it) if it’s past the point of usefulness.

The books we referenced:

Simplicity Parenting (we’ll be revisiting this book more thoroughly in the winter session because it is truly fantastic)

Organized Simplicity

Zero Waste Home

Any more tips or resources? Put them in the comments!


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