Annemarie’s Awesome Links

What do you really want? – thinking about the motivation behind why we buy stuff, especially repeat stuff.

Learning how to exert self-control – helpful for both ourselves and our kids.

Glennon from Momastery’s beauty routine. The photo made me straight-up guffaw.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Emma Watson’s fabulous speech to the UN on her new worldwide feminism campaign.

And because she’s such a great role model, here are 15 awesome things she’s said.

Every parenting article ever written.

And I know parenting books are pretty much at the same level of usefulness, but here are A Cup Of Jo’s 15 favourites (most of them are my favourites too, and I own a lot of them!).

How to feel confident in two minutes. It works!

Hey new moms, I’ve felt terrible things. NSFW language, but a really important point.

Why I want my sons to see me naked.

And two from Instagram – outfit burritos for the week and the same mom’s account full of fun craft ideas for preschoolers. She’s got the most creative brain!


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