Wrap-Up: Meal Planning

We had lots of good ideas for meal planning this morning. Here are some of the tips:

– giving the week some structure – either basing the plan around proteins or a theme meal (pasta, tacos, kid’s favourite, etc)

– having a master list of favourite meals

– making a double batch and freezing the extras for a quick meal later

– Sandy’s trick: make a two-week plan that is recycled four times through a season, so one meal plan lasts for eight weeks

– letting kids’ nutrition balance out over the week, rather than during a day

– making sure you take enough time to plan, as it takes longer than just writing out a grocery list

– looking over what you have left in the fridge/pantry and incorporating that first

– having a list of emergency meals when the day has exploded and keeping those staples on hand.


What have I forgotten? Or what else have you thought of since the session ended? Comment please!


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