Annemarie’s Awesome Links

I’m just giving up on the Friday thing and calling it that from now on. They’ll get posted when I have a handful. Sounds good? Cool. Onward!

Surprising Things about Parenting in Australia

School Lunch Ideas – we all need lunch inspiration.

Building Community After Kids – I love this idea.

How My Bougainvillaea Taught Me About Living With Less – really loved this too.

Do you know about the 5 Love Languages? Super helpful.

I made this my iPhone lock screen. It even works sometimes!

I am cautious about posting this ridiculous link with TERRIBLE science journalism, but these preliminary findings are leading scientists to exciting hypotheses with regards to treating kids with severe allergies and asthma in the future. So, no, they are not that close to a “cure,” but there is promising research! (These caveats brought to you by my scientist friend who works in the field of vaccines.)

Heidi sent this to me: Dear Mom on the iPhone, You’re Doing Fine. Good encouragement.

Give me Gratitude or Give me Debt – I’ve seen this everywhere, but in case you haven’t, it’s so refreshing.

How I limited screen time by offering unlimited screen time – this has CHANGED MY LIFE. Not joking. It’s working so well for us with a 5-year-old. Follow up post: Momentum Optimization Project: Summertime Edition.

This back to school letter is beautiful.

That’s what I’ve got today! I’m sure there will be another big list soon – I’m going through my blogs post-vacay.

So you can put it in your calendar: we’re starting up again on the 18th! Rejoice! 


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