Friday Links

Yes I know it’s Wednesday. That is not the point here.

This is cool: pictures of people emerging from waterslides.

Surprising things about parenting in Germany – this is the first in the series that makes me want to move to the country at once. Possibly it’s just my heritage talking though.

This was a thought-provoking article: This is what sex-positive parenting looks like. Do you already have a particular approach to talking about sex with your kids?

This article made me cry. Firstly, because it’s a scary situation, and secondly, because kind strangers are so important. And just in case it needs to be said (I hope it doesn’t): DON’T CLICK AN INFANT CARSEAT INTO A SHOPPING CART! EVER!

This article, however, made me feel much better about the ridiculous state of our kid-spaces: My daughter’s room is a mess.

I really don’t care whether you care or not: GO LOOK AT BABY PRINCE GEORGE. LOOK AT HIM.

And finally, in case you need to know (of course you do), these are the best chocolate chip cookies. They just are. They’re perfect. And now that I looked at the picture, I need to make them again.

Have a lovely August long weekend! Is anyone else feeling like WHABAM summer is almost over now? And/or does anyone else feel a crying urge to buy planners and highlighters and sticky notes?



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