Long-Awaited Links

So there was a bit of a gap since my last post. Sorry about that. I’m back now!

A Cup Of Jo has brought back their Motherhood Around the World series! Thus far, parenting in China and and in England. I love this series so much, so I’ll just keep posting the new ones every week.

I should hope that by now most of you follow A Mighty Girl (facebook and website). In a similar vein is Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and she has an at-home summer camp guide on her website. This is mostly for filing away for future, or for those of us with older kids, but the idea is great and I wanted to pass it on!

This article on the key to a long-lasting marriage made a huge impact on me. So simple, and so valuable. (The theme that just keeps popping up for me is GRATITUDE. Always and forever practice gratitude.)

Children playing around the world – so beautiful.

And breastfeeding around the world – also beautiful.

Rethinking the definition of generosity.

I’m posting this in case anyone else needs it – my back is spasming like crazy because something about giving birth three times has trashed my core. Thus, back to square one. Postpartum ab rebuilding.

The Steinbach Heritage Museum Pioneer Days are happening over the August long weekend, if you need something fun to do.

Finally, there are lots of listy posts of things to do on bad days, but I found this one to be the best so far, and it works at Mr Cranky 2-Year-Old level and even younger (you know, the awkward age between “here, suck on something” and, well, school).

I hope you’re having a lovely summer! For those of you not on Facebook, we’re planning another Mom’s Night Out on the 25th at Gabrielle’s house. Check back for further details – we’d love to see you! And don’t forget Thursday mornings at Vimy, now with splash pad and wading pool!



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