Friday Links and Summer MOMs

..on Saturday. I’m sorry if you were up all night refreshing your browser and waiting for me. I have a random assortment for you this week!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Why Molly Weasley exemplifies hospitality.

A beautiful interview with a woman who can’t have babies and isn’t adopting.

Yes, this is from a sewing blog, but they just did a serious on being a “wardrobe architect” that I found really useful, and this post on editing your closet is helpful for the process of decluttering anything.

You are a very quiet bunch over here. That’s fine, but I’d love some feedback on whether you like the content I’m linking up on Fridays or if you’d like something different.

Finally, and this is big news, the snow has finally gone, so we’re starting the not-very-official summer meetups at Vimy! Thursday morning, around 10:30ish (although it doesn’t matter at all). It’s sometimes a bit iffy in May since it’s still chilly or raining, but come anyway! Kids are waterproof!

Welcome to May, and to spring, and to the weekend.



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