Friday Links

Hello! It’s Annemarie here. Since I’m always finding interesting stuff on the internet, I’m going to start posting it here (again). Feel free to send me anything you think would be interesting, and I’ll post it in a roundup on Fridays. Here’s what I came across this week:

Take 25: A friend of mine in the States works with law enforcement and her department has put together this resource for talking to kids about their safety. Some of it doesn’t apply to Canada, but there are good starting points.

Fairy tale colouring pages: Lucy is a huge fan.

Kids need to taste danger: The six-point list of the types of danger kids need to experience is interesting. How much danger do you let your kids experience? Most of our kids are young, but the article says that it’s the perception of danger, as opposed to legitimate risk, that’s important.

If you haven’t found our Facebook group yet, it’s here and you can request an invitation.

Also, we’re having our first evening get-together at my house on the 26th of April – send me a message if you don’t know where I live and bring your own consumables!

Have a great weekend!


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