This Week at Bethel MOM’s: Coffee Talk

We will drink warm bevies, eat tasty snacks, and chat about whatever.

Now for the house keeping stuff:

I believe we are still looking for one or two people to sit on the committee, if you’d love to help talk to Gabrielle before we have to start tapping shoulder because no one wants that.

We have 3 sessions left 😦 With our wind-up potluck on Mar 27th and the Caregiver Tea April 8th.

From Heidi

As I mentioned a few weeks ago at MOMs, I am helping to organize the children’s programming at Mennonite Church Canada’s Assembly, July 4-5 of this year.  The 7 and under kids will stay at Canadian Mennonite University (where the meetings are happening) and the 8-14 age group will be bussed out to Camp Assiniboia for a day camp experience.  We are looking for volunteers to help either age group. The good news is, volunteers get reduced registration for their kids! Only $20 per kid gets you childcare/entertainment for kids only a week into summer holidays and already saying, “I’m booooooooored!” And on Saturday, everyone from Assembly is coming out to camp for a supper/family entertainment thing, so the older kids get to just stay out there for the evening (but parents will be in charge from supper onwards). We are looking for any volunteers who can pass a police check and child abuse registry check, and especially to have at least one male for the older group (I’m thinking energetic young or not-quite-as-young men who can ham it up with pre-teens and teens!). So, if you or someone you know would like to spend a couple of days helping out, please put me in touch! Even if you just want more information but don’t want to commit.


If you can help please contact Heidi


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