This Week’s Wrap-Up: Home Learning *Updated*

This week we had the lovely Sandy and Leanne in to talk about their philosophies on home learning.

As parents we need to cultivate a desire for life long learning.

First off you need to encourage a sense of wonder. Instead of berating them with facts allow their minds to explore their imaginations.
“Mommy why is the moon that shape?”
“I wonder that too! What do you think?”
“I think Cookie Monster took a bite out of it.”

Secondly, slow down (easier said than done some times) and let them build their sense of capability. Allow them to pout their own water, dump ingredients in to a bowl, mix the ingredients, put their own boots on etc.

And lastly comment on the effort not the results.
“Wow, you tried really hard drawing that bike.” vs. “Wow, it’s perfect!”

Tot's and learningThe sheet inserted was passed around at the meeting, it’s just things pulled from Sandy’s brain on learning with Tot’s at home.

Some ideas for home learning:

Charlotte Mason is a great resource.  Here is the link to the early years living books.

Create spaces for learning.

  • Musical basket
  • Art Cabinet
  • Playdough centre
  • The Value Series

Some great internet resources:

Media Resources for home learning;*
Winnipeg Public Library
Magic School Bus DVDs
Signing Time DVDs – great sign language teaching with song
Books on CD
Mighty Machines DVDs
The White Stone in the Castle Wall – can be found in the WPL system
Don’t Leave Childhood Without… – sadly this one is not available in the WPL system.
Honey for a Child’s Heart – also not available in the WPL system

All in all make learning fun. Volunteer in the school when you can . Google Greatest Literature for Age x – x


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