Session Wrap-Up: 101 Free Dates

We had a lovely conversation today that when really off topic but here are a few date ideas

  • Go Skating. At the Forks, on the River Trail, City Parks, Local Community Club
  • Tobogganing
  • Catch a Folklorama Show
  • Have a night in. Wine, candles, late supper with the kids to bed early, movies, games (open for interpretation), Netflix, reading books, whatever tickles your fancy.
  • Catch a Movie
  • Go Mini Golfing
  • Tour the city
    • Check out the snow sculpture
    • Bears from Broadway
    • The Wolves
    • Take a guided tour
  • Take a drive into the country
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Day at the Beach
  • Take a class together. Your School division offers free or cheap courses
  • Go Yard Saleing
  • Check out a bookstore – Chapters is awesome. Coffee, kids table, PlasmaCars, oh and books
  • Go for Coffee/warm beverages
  • Volunteer together
  • Go snow shoeing/cross-country skiing
  • Build a snowman
  • Go on a sleigh/carriage ride
  • Bonfire and s’mores
  • Toonie Tuesday at Wheelies between 6:30 and 8:30
  • Star gazing and hot chocolate
  • Have a picnic
  • Go pick fruit
  • Pretend to be potential buyers and check out open houses because we totally want to see inside our neighbours houses
  • Go to the Ex the concerts are free with gate admission
  • Watch the Goldeyes you can get $5 seats
  • Sit on the hill outside IGAC or the steps to Con Ed and listen to a concert at the stadium
  • Ikea scavenger hunt – free childcare if little one is potty trained, meatball Mondays, $1 breakfast, really any excuse to check out Ikea
  • Watch TED talks
  • Read articles and discuss
  • Brunch dates
  • Get a sitter and go run errands
  • Fort Whyte – Enter through the back gates and walk through the marches
  • The Conservatory – a tropical oasis in the dead of winter, a sauna anytime else
  • Murder Mystery supper

Really the most mundane, cheesy things in life can be turned into a date as long as your together and having fun. You can check out some great dates with your kids here.

I’m also just going to be lazy and use Pinterest as my bibliography because it’s 11, I’m sleepy, the LO is making noises, and there is Olympics to watch.

Have Fun



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