A Crafty Session Wrap Up

Yesterday we had a wonderful Round Robin Craft-a-thon.

We made:

  • Fishing game. You will need:
    • wooden dowel
    • string
    • magnets of varying sizes
    • craft foam sheets
    • hot glue gun
    • scissors
      • cut out fun fishy shapes from you foam
      • hot glue small magnets to fish
      • cut a length of string
      • tie/glue your string to wooden dowel
      • hot glue larger magnet to end of string
      • to make more challenging write numbers or letters on fish


  • Egg carton Spiders. You will need:
    • cardboard egg carton
    • chenille’s/pipe cleaners
    • googly eyes
    • temptra paint and brushes
    • scissors
    • small hole punch
      • cut out a cup from your carton
      • poke/punch 8 holes
      • paint cup
      • cut pipe cleaners in half for longer legs or in quarters for shorter
      • stick pipe cleaners in holes
      • glue on eyes


  • Robot Stick Puppets. You need:
    • construction paper
    • popsicle sticks
    • glue
    • scissors
    • markers
      • Cut paper in “robot” shapes
      • colour/ draw on paper
      • glue together
      • glue on stick
      • put on a show


  • Sun catchers. You need:
    • poster paper
    • tissue paper
    • clear contact paper
    • scissors
    • hole punch and string/yarn
      • cut out poster paper in shape of choice
      • place shape on contact paper
      • stick tissue paper in center
      • place another piece of contact paper over top to seal in tissue paper
      • trim around the edges
      • punch a hole in the top and hang in sunny window to enjoy.


  • Bean sprouting
    • pinto beans
    • coffee filter/paper towel
    • clean cup
      • soak beans for 24 hours
      • wet paper towel or coffee filter
      • crumple and place in cup
      • place in beans
      • remember to keep paper moist
      • place in warm sunny window and watch it grow



One thought on “A Crafty Session Wrap Up

  1. Thanks to those of you who organized the session. I don’t look forward to another snowed-in home day, but am happy I’ll have something easy to fall back on for entertaining the kids. Much appreciated!

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