This Week at MOM’s: Crafts

This week we will be getting our craft on!

A Few Housekeeping Items:

  • I finally got all the links to upload and posted on the Blog from last weeks session to view at your leisure.
  • Your tea orders will be at MOM’s on Thursday (hopefully if the weather cooperates). If you can’t make it contact myself and we can figure out a dropoff/pickup
  • This Thursday is the LAST MOM’s of March. Next week is Spring Break so enjoy the week home with your munchkins.
  • April 4th is our Wind Up Brunch. There will be a sign up sheet going around Thursday for sweet or savoury and a beverage, if you can’t make it just comment below and I’ll pencil you in.
  • Caregiver Tea is April 11th, 7pm in the basement, please leave all but the smallest of babies at home (with a caregiver).
  • The MOM’s Committee is meeting this week, if there is a session you’d love to see happen in the fall please comment/email or talk to one of the lovely members on the committee so we can hopefully make it happen.
  • Chandra has happily agreed to join the MOM’s Committee, there will be not shoulder tapping. Thank You!
  • I would also like to thank everyone who has supported my husband’s business, if you still need your taxes done contact Greg to set up a time .  We would love to have you over for tea and do your taxes.

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