Wrap Up: Tea Time with Candice

This week we had the lovely Candice in to open up our world’s to the vast landscape of tea. From a quick circle question, I was surprised at how many of us are actually tea drinkers. Where you?

Candice went over:

The many benefits to drinking tea:

  • like antioxidants
  • great taste with no added sugar
  • warm, comfort and stress relief
  • and help with indigestion

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • does your product contain peanuts? A: No. Nut’s yes but not peanuts.
  • Caffeine? Rooibos, fruit and herbal teas don’t but the rest do, with Mate being the highest.
  • is the tea organic and Fair Trade? Yes, some are Certified Organic with the rest ethically traded.

The different types of tea and the amounts of caffeine contained in each (FYI nowhere near the amount compared to coffee), and different ways to use tea (link to all the fun recipes)

Also any orders placed 25% of the sale will go to MCC Global Family, closing date March 7th.

Weren’t able to attend? Check out the online catalogue.

And just a side note, looking at my calendar we only have four sessions left *sniffle*



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