Friday Links

Good morning everyone!

Thought I would share a couple of links because myself like so many other get lost in the vastness of the internet. This way I at least feel slightly productive although I cannot take much credit for searching out any of these links, I just read through them.

We all love a good birth story. What about an extraordinary, 1 in 70 million chance kind of birth story?

We at MOM’s try to stress the importance of being truthful and honest with one another and with ourselves, but even then we all still tell half-truths and white lies to make life more glamorous and peachy-keen than it really is, and it reflects on to all of our social media sites. We need to quit telling lies on Facebook. (Warning language and brutal honesty) Because honestly who is going to post a bad hair day on FB?

This last one ties into the safety talk we had last week (which I wished I was there for) and the importance of making our homes safe for us and our little people. I will warn you Be with me. Just for today is really tough to read (bawling in a corner). It took me several tries to get through it and my heart just broke for the family and their loss.



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