This Week at Bethel MOM’s: Tea Time with Candice

This week we will have the wonderful Candice in to talk all about tea! YUM! Candice is a S.a.H.M. with a few of her own businesses, and being a Steeped Tea Consultant is one of them.

This crafty lady will introduce you to different types of teas, steeping that perfect cup, the benefits of drinking tea and interesting things you can do with your tea!

Oh! and some of them are kid friendly! Tea time is always better when everyone can join in. How awesome is that!

It gets better, trust me! If there is a tea that you like and would like to purchase, all proceeds from Thursday will go to MCC Global Family.

Tasty warm bevy’s, good peeps and a good cause. Can’t get any better than that!

Here is a link to the catalogue.


Some Shameless Self Promotions. (because word of mouth goes further and it’s free)

Annemarie is looking to take on clients this year for her pregnancy/birth doula business Small is Fabulous. Have a little one on the way or know someone who does. She will hold your hand, enforce your birth plan, and explain the big words to your foggy prego brain. Annemarie’s your person.

My Husband Greg is back at it again this year. Tax time is upon us. Ugh. If you hate doing your taxes, or like me find dealing with the government intimidating he would love to talk to you. It’s affordable, and he does small business taxes as well. Sven can’t help but Greg can!

If you attended Tribal Bellydance with Erinne this past month and want to give it a try she has drop in classes Thursday nights at the Artlington Gallery.

Have a question, comment, link or a shameless self promotion, email or talk to a committee member



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