Friday Links

I will admit I don’t have anything on great parenting advise. I have plenty of links pinned on Pinterest and Lindsay (You remember Lindsay? Past chair? She hasn’t been gone that long.) posts awesome articles on her Facebook, but nothing I feel like sharing right now. With the cold weather I thought I would share a couple of fun links.

The first one makes me giggle, Why having a Toddler is like living in Poltergeist. It is so true.

This next one is really sweet and hails from our very own little city. It has puppies, très adorable.

This next one shows you how NOT to save a few minutes in the morning while doing your daughter’s hair, or maybe it’s brilliant. You be the judge.

Lastly is a heartwarming story of a lost pet. A long-lost and forgotten pet actually.

I hope you enjoyed a laugh or two. You deserve it!








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