Wrap – Up: Tribal Fusion Bellydanicing with Erinne

Thank you all who braved the cold today, we’re happy that your could make it!

Today we has the lovely (and Holy Cow graceful) Erinne lead an exhilarating session on basic Tribal Fusion Bellydance techniques.

Tribal Fusion Bellydance in itself has only been in existence for 25 years but the art form itself has been around thousands  of years.

Taken straight from GiaiPente’s Facebook page:

“Tribal Bellydance is a multi-cultural dance style, which is influenced by nomadic tribes who traveled through the Middle East, India, Central Asia, North Africa and Spain. GaiaPente’s style encompasses traditional bellydance elements fused with modern dance styles and theatrical embellishments. Their performances combine creative improvisation with choreographies that evolve and adapt to embrace ever-changing themes.”

So now that all of us felt muscles that we haven’t felt in years you should check out a few links.

This link will take you to a video of Erinne’s partner strutting her stuff. You can also check out GiaiPente’s Blog and their Facebook Page. Now for some shameless self promotion Erinne teaches her lovely art at the Artlington Gallery, Thursday nights. Here is the link to the Event for more information.




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