Up for Discussion

Today we heard a heartwarming devotional about how MOM’s group has affected someone’s life during the good and tough times. There wasn’t time to do a circle question so I’ll do one now.

Tell us how MOM’s group has affected your life?

Did you receive a meal in your time of need? Was it your first time attending and welcomed warmly? Was it a prayer said on your behalf? Is it the fact it gives you a reason to get up in the morning and leave your house? Is it the comradery, and like minded women? Or is it the 2 hours of peace and hot coffee?

We would love to know.

I personally need a reason to get out of the house or I would be cooped up 24/7. I also enjoy the socialization aspect, but also the diversity we are all similar in that we are ALL parents but beyond that we are all very different.




One thought on “Up for Discussion

  1. From my first visit, the mom’s group has been warm and welcoming. I started coming in fall 2012- before Annika was born – so that I could get to know the women – Gabrielle had a feeling I would really like this group and she was right. Since Annika was born, I have received many generous gifts such as meals, breast pads, books, advice, encouragement and prayers (esp. when she had thrush). The atmosphere of the group is genuine, positive and refreshing. I feel like it’s a gem in in my week.

    Thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcome – I look forward to coming every week!


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