Up for Discussion: Getting Organized

After hearing Sandy’s story (which is coming I promise) I have a question for you.

What do you do to try to be organized?

Do you rely religiously on your crock pot?  Does your smart phone keep you reminded? (when you remember to input it into your phone) Do you have a binder?

I’ll start off.

For Christmas this year I got one of these Mom’s Ultimate Family Fridge Calendar. It takes up a ridiculous amount of space on my fridge but it’s obnoxiously large enough that  everything written on it fits, it’s legible, and there are stickers. And as long as my husband divulges his schedule with me I feel my week/month is well planned.

I love Sandy’s idea of an Annual Plan because Greg and I have ideas for what we would love to do around our house but we forget the small things because our mental libraries have tiny shelves.  I have also been mulling over developing a meal plan tailored to our household because it is the same conversation ever night I kid you not.

Me “What would you like for supper?”

Greg *Silence*

~Couple minutes go by~

Me “So you never answered my question, any thoughts, hopes or desires on what you’d like for supper”

Greg ” I don’t know, what are my options?”

Yep.  We definitely lean towards the perceiving side when it comes to supper time.



One thought on “Up for Discussion: Getting Organized

  1. Technology doesn’t really help me that much – something about writing things down in my planner helps things stick in my head much better. And then actually writing down all the things that I think of instead of relying on my faulty memory.

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