Wrap Up: First Day Back

Yahoo! Isn’t it great to be back and see all our familiar faces?

How was your Christmas? Hope it was good!

Annemarie gave a lovely devotional about seeing the beauty in ourselves and focusing on the good things instead of our flaws. Yes none of us are perfect, (Hollywood is all airbrushed, and aliens), but we all have something that we are good at and can be proud of, be it patience, our jobs, organizational skills, or photographic memory. These are things that make us all beautiful and awesome.

The Sign-up Schedule has been updated. In case you forget which day you volunteered for, you can check them out here. We still need people to sign-up for Devotional. You can comment below or wait till next week when the sheet goes around again.

Also Leah has a gorgeous 13 day old and would love your support with meals. If you can help I have set up a MealTrain for her, chances are you’ve been emailed already (so this is redundant and I apologize)

Have a lovely Beautiful weekend!



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